Team-Building for the 21st Century

Know Your Crew is a gamified mobile tool for the modern team.
We make it fast and fun to increase team collaboration
and improve individual engagement.

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Team-Building 2.0

Our mobile platform integrates team-building seamlessly into the workday. Know Your Crew is built for bite-sized engagement, ideal for busy teams on the go. We developed our tool with the remote worker in mind – finally making it easy for the distributed workforce to feel unified.

It’s a daily dose of digital happy hour.

Driving Awareness and Empathy

Collaboration is the engine powering businesses today. Our software builds the muscles that help teammates work better together. Proprietary research-based questions raise awareness about the self and others. Game dynamics help teams practice perspective-taking, a building block of emotional intelligence.

It’s an executive coach for everyone.

Data Analytics

We measure and track team connectivity to give teammates and managers a snapshot of team health. Our Natural Language Processing approach generates an analysis of personality and working style at the team and individual level. We help you interpret the data by giving you actionable insights to optimize team dynamics.

It’s quantified self for the team.

  • Independence Driven 72%
  • Idea Driven 39%
  • Power Driven 38%
  • Work Driven 66%
  • Achievement Driven 29%