21st Century Team-Building

Know Your Crew is a gamified mobile tool that makes it
fast and fun to build trust on teams.

Digital Team-Building

Our mobile platform integrates team-building seamlessly into the workday. Know Your Crew is built for bite-sized engagement, ideal for busy teams on the go. We developed our tool with the remote worker in mind – finally making it easy for the distributed workforce to feel unified.

It’s the virtual water cooler.

Driving Awareness and Empathy

Collaboration is the engine powering businesses today. Our software builds the muscles that help teammates work better together. Proprietary research-based questions raise awareness about the self and others. Game dynamics help teams practice perspective-taking, a building block of emotional intelligence.

It’s an executive coach for everyone.

Sustained Impact

Know Your Crew content builds trust over time. Questions prompt reciprocal sharing at the right depth for each team. It’s a light touch way to extend impact beyond one day retreats and awkward ropes courses.

It’s a daily dose of happy hour.

”Know Your Crew helped us keep team relationships strong. When you’re 5,000 miles apart, it’s not always easy to know each other. Plus, the app is fun!”

VP, Executive Search Firm

“All my employees love it! They love talking about themselves and sharing about themselves in an environment they understand – an app.”

CEO, Tech Startup

“Know Your Crew was a lot fun, and the fun increased over time. It is a good way to build connections. The questions created a dialogue where we wouldn’t have had one otherwise.”

Director of Product, Healthcare Company

“Know Your Crew creates a work-life connection. The app helps us get to know each other personally, and makes the team feel closer and more engaged.”

HR Manager, Fortune 500 Biotechnology

“Our challenge was how to connect people across silos as the company grows. We started using Know Your Crew because we want to create more engagement among people.”

VP of Sales, Engagement Council Member, Healthcare Company

“We wanted to use Know Your Crew because we want our people to be more human to each other. We want more camaraderie, more friendliness. We have a very collaborative process, and we want people going the extra 110% for their neighbor.”

Managing Director, Financial Services

“Know Your Crew is an unpretentious and entertaining tool that allows teams to improve their level of intimacy – the crucial element that ignites people working better together.”

Claudio Garcia, EVP, Strategy & Corporate Development, Lee Hecht Harrison

“The Know Your Crew platform provides leaders with a robust, sleek, and data-driven tool to enhance their ability to understand and manage their teams, as well as providing team members with insightful exercises for boosting their knowledge of themselves and others.”

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO, Hogan Assessments