Team-building for the modern workplace.

We integrate team-building into the daily workflow to strengthen relationships and drive trust, awareness, and empathy.

Game Dynamics

Team-building should be fun, not tedious. The Know Your Crew mobile tool prompts teammates to share about themselves and earn points based on how well they know each other. Playful questions gamify the user experience, with Mad libs-style fill in the blanks, hypotheticals, and more.

Virtual Water Cooler

No worker left behind! Whether you’re a frequent flier or based in Antarctica – you’re part of the crew. Anyone can play, from anywhere, at any time. Engage your remote workers as well as your cubicle crew.

Research-Based Content

Our content is the engine behind the Know Your Crew experience. Questions are based on social and organizational psychology research and focus on working styles, personality traits, and areas of strength and growth.


Know Your Crew’s core mechanics are designed to build emotional intelligence. ‘Who Said What’ pushes teammates to step into each others’ shoes, helping build empathy for a diversity of working needs and cultural habits. Questions about the team also help individuals think about the perspective of the group as a whole.


Connectivity is a two-way street! To better understand others, you must first understand yourself. Answering questions encourages self-reflection, helping individuals articulate their needs and preferences and increasing the team’s ability to align around effective work processes.


Every company needs team-building, but every team is different.

Our plans are designed for all shapes and sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which kinds of companies use Know Your Crew?

Any workplace that views their people and culture as a competitive advantage. Enterprises experiencing change, high growth or restructuring. Geographically-distributed companies with remote workers.

When is it used and how long does it take?

Just like sports teams, it takes practice for great teams to stay great. Team-building is a continuous process – which is why we recommend that teams use Know Your Crew at least once a week. One game takes only 10 minutes and you can play from anywhere.

Why will employees love it?

Gallup finds that having close work friendships increases satisfaction and happiness by 50%. Micro-breaks are a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day and gamification can make you feel 60% more engaged at work. And it’s fun! Over 10,000 people have downloaded Know Your Crew for family and friends.

Who are your competitors and why are you better?

Several players touch different aspects of team dynamics.

  • Engagement Surveys: Identify pain points, but lack interventions for improvement
  • Happy Hours and Offsites: Fun, but not scalable and not inclusive of remote workers
  • Executive coaches and consultancies: Highly customized, but very expensive
Which mobile operating systems are available?

The Know Your Crew mobile tool is available on Android and iOS.

How secure is the technology?

Our technology is highly secure:

  • All wireless communications data is encrypted.
  • No personal information is stored by us on your mobile phone.
  • Strong server-side controls. The backend is hosted by an experienced, managed hosting team who operate systems that meet SOC1, SOC2, FISMA compliance and complete annual audits.
How much does it cost?

Know Your Crew is a SaaS subscription with monthly invoicing based on volume of users. Contact us for more detail on pricing plans.